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2021 has started off in a rapid pace. We are already two months down and Easter is just around the corner. For some, a religious celebration, for others a few public holidays, the Easter break comes at a great time in the year. Saving money this Easter holiday should be on your to-do list.

Many businesses have year-end at the end of February or March. These deadlines, coupled with getting the year off to good start puts extra pressure on companies and their employees. The Easter break therefore provides a much needed mini-holiday for everyone.

Going away for the Easter holidays

Getting out of the house is often a great way to recharge yourself and your family. A couple or family vacation can be something exciting to look forward to. These pre-planned holidays do not need to cost an arm and a leg.

Here are some savings tips for an Easter getaway:

  • Check online deals for discounted accommodation. Due to the pandemic, many hotels and B&B’s are offering local discounts to get people to come and stay
  • Use various websites when searching for accommodation to compare. AirBnB,, lekkeslaap and SafariNow are a few options.
  • Search online for free and cheap activities in the area
  • Pack board games, cards, bicycles or sports equipment for easy entertainment
  • Check if there are braai facilities or self-catering facilities in order to eat-in

Staying at home for Easter?

There is nothing wrong with staying at home for the Easter break. Taking some time out to spend quality time with your loved ones and family can be very rewarding.

Here are some tips for a cheap, but fun Easter holiday

  • Check out Pinterest for arts and craft ideas for Easter time
  • Make your own Easter decorations
  • Make a new exciting meal at home instead of going out for expensive dinners
  • Don’t overdo the Easter eggs for the kids. Try look for bulk or discounted goods
  • Invite friends or family over and get everybody to bring a plate of foods

Always try to budget for extra expenses. If you have upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc., try factor these into your budget. Abnormally large expenses can throw you off and force you to use savings or debt.

Think before you spend and ask yourself if the item is really worth the price. The Covid-19 lockdown periods taught us to save and get by with what we have. Let’s try and carry on those valuable lessons that we learnt.

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