Here are some of our latest insights and commentary relating to the debt industry. We care about how the current economic climate, finance policies and trending behaviours impact consumers and their personal finances.

Debt Counselling
Minimal salary increases, rising unemployment and increasing living expenses are putting added pressure on South African consumers. High levels of per...
With over 50% of credit-active South Africans being behind on one or more debt repayments, debt solutions are a desperate requirement for many. These ...
Save Money
The repurchase rate (repo rate) was reduced numerous times by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in 2020. In 2019 the repo rate was between 6.5 ...
According to Experian South Africa’s Consumer Default Index (CDI), the rate of first-time consumers defaulting has increased in 2021Q1. This has...
Save Money
The second leg of the year is upon us. What are your financial goals? With the multiple lockdown levels we have had to endure as a country, retrenchme...
Let’s explore how formal debt solutions are structured. South African consumers have been struggling financially for a while now. Even before th...
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